Violence Against Women

Gender-based violence or violence against women, particularly in regards to intimate partner violence and sexual violence is a vital public health problem, and a violation of women’s human rights.

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 3 (30 %) of women globally have been victims of either sexual or physical violence by an intimate partner or stranger across their lifetime.

Violence against women however is preventable. In a city like Chicago, where crime rates are at a constant high, there are still plenty of resources and organizations where women in need of help can turn to.

The Chicago Foundation for Women is dedicated towards helping women break free from violence, and rebuild their lives. In addition to advocating for women, they provide leadership skills, open to all genders in order to bring about change, and educate as many as they can.

Similarly, Chicago Now is an organization that wants to help end violence against women, both locally and internationally. They focus on all aspects and issues contributing to violence seen in women such as domestic violence, gang violence, sexual violence, harassment, violence commited by police, etc.

Previously known as Chicago Abused Women Coalition to Connections for Abused Women and their Children, this nonprofit organization in Chicago also encourages women to live a life that is free from fear and violence. They have programs and shelters located throughout the city where women can obtain help, including but not limited to the Humboldt Park Outreach Program, and the Greenhouse Shelter.

Violence can negatively affect a woman’s physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and reproductive health, which is why it is crucial to continue to educate the world, and provide resources for women.

This interactive graphic depicts how women globally have been impacted by violence.

Communication and Psychology major at the University of Illinois — Chicago